From this age, the groups are formed not only by age, but also by level and personality. Each child has to be in the best group for them, to be able to reach their potential. From 3º Primary to 6º Primary the children come once or twice a week for an hour.

3º de primaria

This bridges the gap from Year 2 Primary to Year 4 Primary by implementing more specific vocabulary as well as providing more concrete structures. They are also expected to start writing longer pieces of work including some linking words. Throughout the year they will study schools, town and shopping and take part in a shopping role-play, which they thoroughly enjoy, look at sports, the magic ‘e’ and much more.

4º de primaria

This is a very important year in the academy as it is when students are first introduced to the Past tense. We cover a unit on descriptions and watch parts of a film in order to produce a piece of writing incorporating the vocabulary and past tense. We also look at food and countable and non-countable nouns as well as taking part in a restaurant role-play and cooking. Comparatives and superlatives are also worked on and students take part in an Olympic superlative challenge. At the end of the year, students work in groups to design their own board game which encompasses everything they have learnt throughout the course.

5º de primaria

At this stage students are usually able to fully communicate in the target language. By the end of the course they will be able to communicate using the present, past and future tenses. The second part of the year focuses on a unit on weather where students produce their own weather forecast, clothes and a fashion show and then a topic on culture and the UK. By the end of Year 5 most students will be working at A2 level.

6º de primaria

Sexto de primaria resume la gramática vista en los anteriores cursos además de nuevos e interesantes tópicos. Se espera que los estudiantes sean capaces de argumentar, explicar y razonar las respuestas. En este curso habrá un misterioso asesinato, un debate sobre el medio ambiente, estudiarán los verbos modales y además darán consejos y crearán las normas para las clases y harán una crítica de cine. Muchos estudiantes comenzarán a estudiar el nivel B1.

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