Adult groups take place both in the morning and the evening. There are different classes to suit the rhythm and the objectives of different students, and the dynamics of the groups are taken into account.

There are B1 classes for students who wish to get the Cambridge title and others for those who are brushing up on English and have no need for a title.

There are both FCE and CAE classes in the morning and evening, the former operating at three different paces.

At C2 level, the students work hard in class and also at home. All of them are complementing the class studies with English-speaking tv series and novels. British unadapted word games are usually played at the end of the class, such as Blankety Blank, Family Fortunes, Taboo or Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

Every year there is demand for a new beginners Group and the post-beginners group usually continues as well.

One evening a week we hold a conversation group for Adults.

Several adults, who progress better that way, have individual classes in the evening or morning and sometimes groups are formed purely to practise the Speaking component of one particular exam.

Whatever the level or aim of the class, the students are always proud of their progress and their improvement in communication. Learning through games takes a little more time with the adults but is well worth the effort.

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