December News - Mucho movimiento y poco tiempo para contárselo – A, B, C

Mucho movimiento y poco tiempo para contárselo.

A, B, C

Arcilla, Buena formación y Christmas.

October saw the whole teaching team descend on Valladolid for the annual ACLID training day, with 20 different teaching seminars to choose from.

The following month Nick and Carolyn travelled north to Oviedo to hear expert speakers on Monolingual fluency techniques and independent listening strategies. Very useful for everyone.

The inaugural clay workshop was also held in November, with 17 children attending two sessions, first to mould a clay practical snail container, and then to paint it. All instructions, vocabulary and conversations carried out in English, of course.

Christmas preparations and well under way. All the materials have been acquired for craft activities and the games and quizzes planned for teenagers, to end a successful first term.

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