Flyers – Cambridge Exam

On Friday 5th October, we celebrated the inaugral presentation of certificates from the first Flyers exam to be held at Abracadabra, in early summer. The children and families had been waiting some time, nervously…

(This is because all the exams had to be physically sent to Cambridge to be marked, before the certificates can be prepared. There is also a considerable number of institutions in Castilla y León, preparing the exams and we wanted to have Jesús, the exam coordinator present).

Also in attendance was John, from Logos in Segovia, who is responsible for Cambridge Exams at the Logos Centre. In fact, it was John himself who conducted our exam, back in June, including all the individual speaking exams.

After Jesús had presented some information on the range of exams and the prestige and authenticity of the certificates, we were shown a video of the buildings in Cambridge itself where the exams are carefully prepared and corrected by a huge team of qualified staff.

Finally, the certificates were presented, the photographs were taken and everybody did a good job of devouring the homemade cakes and snacks.

It was a privilege to be able to share, with their parents and families, the proud moment of receiving the reward after all their hard work.

Well done to all the girls!




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